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RSA Limited and Outlaw Sedans specs are now available Online

Season 2018-19 Outlaw Sedan & Limited Sedan specification books available NOW!

The long-awaited updated Racing Sedans Australia specifications for season 2018-2019 are finally starting to be uploaded to our new website. As readers may or may not know, these specifications for all 7 race divisions are discussed, reviewed and agreed upon at each Racing Sedans Australia Annual General Meeting, held in August of each year.

RSA Limited Sedans and RSA Outlaw Sedans

For some divisions the updates and changes are minimal and the new version can be created and uploaded rather easily. For other divisions, the spec books take more considerable time to prepare. As both Division 5A Outlaw Sedans and Division 5B Limited Sedans required rather less modification than other divisions these 2 spec books have been completed first. They are now available on our site here on the “Specifications & Licenses” page which you will find a link to in our main menu across the top of every page on the website.

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The Balance of the RSA Divisional Spec Books

The other Divisions will have their spec books up just as soon as our Technical Officers have completed the wording for the new season editions. We realize just how urgent and important these books are so no time will be wasted in getting the updates done and they will be available as soon as humanly possible.

The Most current Spec Books and just where to find them.

With the development of our new website here at, all specification books for all our divisions will ONLY be available from this site. All the new season 2018-2019 spec books will be dated “September 2018”. This date appears both on the Title page and in the footer area of all the spec books. If you are reading a spec book with a date different to this it is an old one!

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State-Based Websites

Our two state-based websites, & will be pulled down at the end of this month and will no longer be accessible on the web. Rather, for those who might search for them online, they will be automatically redirected to our new website. The old site at is already gone and no longer exist. All of this hopefully will ensure that there will be only ONLY ONE SITE to find Racing Sedans Australia important information and that will be right here.

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