In the pits at Gilgandra Speedway 29-09-2018

Benders Blitz at Gilgandra Speedway

What you missed at Gilgandra Speedway

29/9/2018 Season opener at Gilgandra Speedway was a cracker if you didn’t get your backside to the trackside then you missed out on a great night.

Club record set for RSA Fender Benders

Gilgandra Speedway has broken the record in having 23 in total, RSA fender Benders joined the club this 18/19 season.
Most of them have gone as a theme that the kids all love. We have Dorothy the dinosaur Tigger, and The Sheriff and Black Betty Just to name a few.

Shot form the pits at Gil Speedway 29-9-2018
Last Saturday Gilgandra Speedway saw 18 of them on the track in all heats and the feature. Theses fender bender guys have pulled together to build numerous cars to get cars on tracks they have helped one another whether it be a lend of a shed to work in to tools then on to lending parts to welding they have pulled together and built cars.<br> This season they hope to pick 1 or 2 tracks to go and show their support and and show what fender benders is all about .

Money to earn if you have the style needed

Every meeting the fender bender race at Gilgandra their is $50 up for the fender bender who does the most spinning from heats to the feature.

LastSaturday night saw many rubs, side by side taps, spins, because, after all “rubbin is racin” in the RSA Fender Benders. It’s not by accident either.

All the drivers are all looking forward to a great season of Speedway racing.

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