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Our Privacy Policy

Racing Sedans Australia respects your rights. Your right to privacy and security when it comes to your Personal Data and other sensitive information.

We respect your right to know what data we collect, how we collect it, what we do with it and your right to choose.

This document outlines how we use and protect your personal information and how you can have your say regarding this.

As an Australian based company, we are required to comply with the Australian Privacy act 1988 and any updates that may be legislated to the act. As the internet is a global community and the rest of the globe is working towards international compliancy, we have made the decision to go further than the Australian Regulations require and to extend our policies to, where possible, comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as regulated in the European Union (EU).

Website Visitors

non-personally-identifying information

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. as do the majority of websites, collect non-personally-identifying information from their Website Visitors, of the type that web browsers and servers record and supply. These are such things as your browser type, the language you speak and use, time and date that you visit our site, and which pages you visit. The referring website, such as Google, Bing or any third-party websites is also collected and supplied by the servers and browsers.

From time to time this non-personally-identifying information may be released and share with trusted third-party partners for reports and other information gathering processes in an effort to improve the visitors’ experiences on our website with future upgrades and functions.

This non-personally-identifying information is classed as essential to the operation and functionality of our website. Without it, it would not be possible to serve up to you, a complete and operational website to serve your needs. Rest assured, we cannot identify “real people” from this data.

Potentially Personally-identifying information

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. also collects Potentially Personally-identifying information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and other identifying information to enable us to serve up to you a better user experience and to help improve our website for you and future website visitors.

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. does NOT use this information to identify our website visitors/users other than in the ways listed below.

Collection of Personally-Identifiable Information

We here at Racing Sedans Australia Inc. only have access to your personally-identifiable information, other than IP Addresses, when you, the User supply such information by way of completing a “form” or sending us an “email” or opting into a “promotion” or other types of activity where the user supplies us such information or has any other voluntary interaction with us. The amount and type of information collected and stored is dependent on the type of interaction the visitor/user engages in.

All such information collected by Racing Sedans Australia Inc. will always be handled and stored in the most safe and secure way in accordance with the current legal guidelines and regulations.

Personally-Identifiable Information and how it is protected

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. discloses your Personally-Identifiable Information only to our Administrators, all based here in Australia and to our trusted third-party partners who have proven that they are compliant with all current legal guidelines and regulations.

Your Personally-Identifiable Information is stored and protected on our secure servers or the secure servers of our trusted third-party partners and regular security and maintenance checking occurs to ensure that these servers stay up to date with the latest technologies.

[Racing Sedans Australia Inc. does NOT and will NOT supply, sell, swap or exchange your Personally-Identifiable Information to anyone. Your Personally-Identifiable Information may from time to time be supplied to other parties when we are required to by law or when Racing Sedans Australia Inc. believes in good faith that supplying such information is being done to protect Racing Sedans Australia Inc., our trusted third-party partners or the public in general.

If you agree we may, from time to time, contact you, usually by email to inform you of appropriate promotions and developments concerning our site and services or to request either general or specific feedback from you.

[Racing Sedans Australia Inc. hate spam as we are sure you do too. Therefore, we will not contact you very often other than in response to a request form you to do so. Furthermore, you will be able easily “unsubscribe” to any contact strings at every stage of contact.

Use of Cookies

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. uses cookies for the collection information in regard to how our visitors use our website. This information is used to track which pages you visit and for how long, what you clicked on and other details regarding your use of our website. This is done to enable us to improve the User Experience on our site.

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. requests that when you first visit our site, that you choose what level of cookie use you consent to us using to collect your data. Once you have made this choice our website will remember your choices and respect them.

Our system will periodically ask you to re-consent to your data collection as regulated by law. This is usually, but not always, every 60-90 days.

If you decide to change your level of consent at any time, please click this [BUTTON] to access the cookie settings.

Third Party Links

In an effort to increase your User Experience on our website and to occasionally recommend other services and to sometimes supply you with value added content, we occasionally place third party links within the content of our website.

Where possible the destination of these third-party links has been checked for GDPR/APP Compliancy but at no point do we offer any guarantee of this. We recommend that when visiting these third parties, that users should take the time to read their “Privacy & Cookie” policies and their “Terms and Conditions”

Trusted Third Party Partners

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. partners with Trusted Third-Party Partners to facilitate some functionalities within our site. We only partner with recognised third parties that have satisfied us that they are compliant with all relative current legal guidelines and regulations.
These Trusted Third-Party Partners are:

  •  Google LLC
  • UpdraftPlus
  • Arrested Graphics and Web Solutions
  • Westpac Banking Corporation
  • MailChimp
  • Wordfence Security
  •  ManagerWP

How we use your Personal Information

The personal Information/data we collect from you is used in several ways but always in accordance with the current relative legislations and guidelines.

What Legal Grounds relate to the processing of Personal Information.

Although there many different Legal Grounds for personal Data Processing, the 3 Legal Grounds that relate to your personal data and the processing by Racing Sedans Australia Inc. are:

The Legitimate Interests in the effective delivery of services and information to our Users

Explicit Consent given by our Users

Legal Obligations as required by legislation and relative Laws.

Your Rights Concerning Your Personal Information

Personal Data Access

Personal Data collected, Stored and Processed by Racing Sedans Australia Inc. remains the property of the User from whom it was collected and as such the User has the right to request a copy of this information. Racing Sedans Australia Inc. is required to supply this information in a timely manner by way of a secured process that insures it is only supplied to the User to which it belongs.

To request your data please click this [BUTTON]

Personal Data Rectification

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. has a responsibility to ensure that any data collected, stored or processed is correct. If a User finds an error in any of their Data stored by Racing Sedans Australia Inc. the User has the right to request that the data be corrected.

To request the correction of your data please click this [BUTTON]

Your Right to be Forgotten

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. is obligated to respect a User’s Right to be Forgotten. If a User requests that their data collected, stored and processed by us, be deleted we are obliged to comply within a reasonable time.

To request the deletion of your personal information please click this [BUTTON]


Racing Sedans Australia Inc. collects your data, once you have given active consent and will sometimes use that data to send you emails, from time to time to inform you of latest news and offers and other value adding information.

Below, you will find our data handling request form. Simply select the “Unsubscribe” tab. There you will find an input field. In the input field please type the email account that you previously supplied Racing Sedans Australia Inc. and tick the box asking for you consent to use your data for this process only.

You will then receive a confirmation email to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the data.

Once you receive this confirmation email and confirmed the request, we will then, receive an email confirming that you have been unsubscribed from all our mailing lists.

Data Retention Time

Personal information collected by Racing Sedans Australia Inc. is only kept for the appropriate time required for the purpose for which the user has given consent or for the period required by any governing laws under the “Legal Obligations” Legal Grounds rules.

Personal Data Breach

Although every effort is made to protect both the users’ personal information as well as [Website /business Name] the possibility of a “Data Breach” is always there. Under legislation Racing Sedans Australia Inc. is required to notify the Government Controlling Body and the relevant User if such a breach occurs. This notification must be actioned within 21 days of a breach occurring.

Your right to lodge a complaint

As the owner of your personal information you have the right to lodge a complaint if you feel that Racing Sedans Australia Inc. has collected, stored or processed your personal information in a way that breaches the relevant legislations and guidelines.

The process to action a compliant is to firstly contact Racing Sedans Australia Inc. by email [ email here]. If Racing Sedans Australia Inc. does not satisfy you with the responding actions taken you can then contact the governing body as detailed below:

Office of Privacy Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
Telephone: 1300 363 992

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. suggests that User frequently check our Privacy Policy and other documentation such as our “Cookie Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” for updates and changes.

Racing Sedans Australia Inc. reserves the right to action such updates as required by Government Legislation and other governing laws.

Contact Details

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