Club Supported Specification Voting Form


Club member completes this form prior to the club member submission closing date. Once this form is completed and submitted it will be sent to the club secretary of the club selected below.

The selected club collates all submissions and holds a meeting to vote on which of their members’ submissions they, as a majority, wish to submit to Racing Sedans Australia. The club secretary will then submit these to the RSA, prior to the club submission closing date by way of a password-protected online form. Details of this form along with the password will be sent to the clubs through their official email address.

STEP THREE: (this step)
Racing Sedans Australia then compiles lists of club-supported submissions and emails them out to all clubs to be voted on. Only clubs with cars registered in the division selected on the submission form are eligible to vote! The submissions are voted on as they are submitted. That is, as they are worded in the submission. No changes can be made to the wording.

Once all meeting results have been received by the RSA or as of the submissions closing date, the RSA  will count the votes and release the results. Specifications will be successful if they carry a majority vote only.

Club Details
Submission One

Portland District Motor Sports Club

Division 3 4-Cylinder Sedans

Page 13

Rule 11b

All inner panels and radiator supports are to remain intact

ALL inner panels are to remain intact. Original front sub-frames and inner guards must remain in place, except that; the section forward of the leading edge of both front tyres may be removed, unless they constitute suspension or engine mounting points

This brings the radiator support rule into line with Junior Sedan specifications

Submission Two
Submission Three
Submission Four
Submission Five

Technical Specifications

RSA Fender Bender
Division One

RSA Fender Bender
Division Two

RSA Junior Sedan
Division Three

RSA 4 Cylinder Sedan
Division Three

RSA Street Stockers
Division Four

RSA Limited Sedans
Division Five B

RSA Outlaw Sedans
Division Five A

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