Jaiden Healey RSA Junior Sedan

Healey to Hammer the Clay at Dubbo

Almost a Bakers Dozen

Tonight at Morris Park Motor Sports Complex the Dubbo City Speedway Club will open their 2018-19 Season. On tonight’s program will be the always entertaining and surprising RSA Junior Sedans. Jaiden Healy, from Portland District Motor Sports Club along with Jackson Goldie, Tyler Barnes, Freddy Jones, Harrison Granger, the 2  Zac’s Hignett & Walker, both the Murphy boys, Jack and Liam and Makk O’Neil, Jackson Carey and Tyler Burnham will all take to the clay to do their best to put on some fast close racing and see just who will take the coveted chequer flag at night’s end.

These kids continue to show skills well ahead of their years. Not only on the track but in everything speedway that they do. As young ambassadors for our sport our future shines brightly in the eyes of the sensational young drivers.

The Adults get a turn too!

On the program tonight, some would say, as support for the RSA Juniors, are the Fast 4’s of the RSA 4 Cylinders, the hard runners of the RSA Street Stockers and the “bend ’em, bang ’em” RSA Fender Benders.

RSA Outlaw Sedans Debut

The thumping V’8 of the RSA Outlaw Sedans will open up on the clay tonight as well. This fast-growing RSA V8 Division has gained the interest of many racers old and new throughout NSW and Qld with interest shown in other states as well. Tonight it’s Dubbo’s turn to be entertained by these impressive sedans.

Not just RSA

To be fair to all, I should mention that the exciting AMCA Nationals and the Hard Charging Production Sedans will also have a run tonight to help complete and entertaining and event filled night of racing in Dubbo.

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