RSA Outlaw Sedans 3 wide at Gunnedah Speedway

Outlaw Sedans go 3-wide at Gunnedah

No room for mistakes

Last Saturday night at the Gunnedah Speedway the RSA Outlaw Sedans raced for the second time this season when 3 heats and a feature were on offer. The tight-knit pack of racers turned it on for the fans as the sound of the V8’s rumbled around the Bluevale Road oval.

Mark Towers the early favourite.

Mark Towers showed some early dominance as he broke away from the pack running up front with the rest of the Outlaws hot in pursuit. The son of track owner and fellow racer, Barry Towers, Mark is probably the most experienced of the drivers at the Gunnedah venue. But as the night wore on experience just wasn’t enough.

Father and Son shoulder to shoulder

The father and son pair of Kevin and Trent Keeler soon found their way to the front of the field as the night progressed and even went 3 wide with Stef Semenczuk down the straight to thrill the crowd and display just how wide the Gunnedah track is when you want it to be.

Keeler takes the flag

As the final flag for the night fell, It was car 29 across the line first as Trent Keeler continued his last season’s success with his Ford Mustang winning yet again at Gunnedah.

Car numbers continue to grow

The latest news Racing Sedans Australia has it that the total number of RSA Outlaw Sedans ready to go in NSW is growing quickly with new registrations happening almost weekly. “Season 2018-2019 is going to be awesome for this division moving forward” Darren Cassidy, RSA President was heard to say recently when asked about the Division 5A cars.

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