21st December 2020 - Edition 1

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Behind the Scenes!


As the unbelievable year that was 2020 draws to a close, as we gather together with those we hold dear, our family and friends and looking back to what has been the most remarkable year in living memory, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported and assisted us.

With the new year quickly approaching, we all look to the future and just what it might bring. Racing Sedans Australia is committed to continuing to come together and move forward. State and Australian Titles have been scheduled throughout the rest of this season and, along with the assistance of our promoters and clubs, we will do all we can to stay flexible and agile as we enter into the second half of Season 20-21.

But for the next couple weeks speedway takes a back seat to family and friends as we celebrate Christmas and New Year. The RSA office will close on the 23rd of December and re-open on the 4th of January, although, the email, secretary@racingsedansaustralia.com will be monitored.

RSA wishes everyone a safe, memorable and Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year!


Racing Sedans eNews logoOver the last few seasons, there have been discussions about the RSA putting together a “Newsletter” in an effort to keep our members, affiliate clubs as well as the general public up-to-date with what’s been happening “Behind the Scenes” with the committee and support crews. Time restraints, however, prevented this happening.

This season, our new president Geff Rose, without prior knowledge of previous plans, also thought it might be a “good idea” to have a newsletter. So the birth of “Racing Sedans eNews” is the result! Racing Sedans eNews is planned as a monthly newsletter covering most events both in the past month and what’s coming up in the month following. We hope to have as much input from the committee with articles about what they have been working on, as well as interesting stuff from the clubs that wish to send stories into me, the media officer.

Every month around the 21st, Racing Sedans eNews will publish a new edition. Each edition will be available here on our website and posts will be shared to our Facebook page to announce the latest edition.

If your club has any information that they would like included in the newsletter, maybe about upcoming events that include RSA divisions or something about fundraising or special events such as presentations, please feel free to email them in to me here at Racing Sedans eNews and I will do my utmost to get them into the next edition. In the future, I will include the results of our titles as they are run and won. Photos and race results from our clubs are also welcomed and I  will do all I can to include them whenever possible.

Anything you would like included in the next Racing Sedans eNews should be emailed to “media@racingsedansaustralia.com” by no later than the 15th of each month, please.

Upcoming State and Australian Titles

With the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions, just this afternoon it became necessary to POSTPONE the RSA 4-cylinder Sedan NSW State Title.

This decision was made after discussions with the Nowra Speedway Club and was not arrived at lightly. The running of and completion of our annual titles marks important points in time for us, our clubs and our drivers. Please be assured that we, along with the hosting clubs will continue to work hard to run all titles that are humanly possible in season 20-21.

At this point in time, we still have 3 Titles scheduled across January and February.

Online nominations are already available for 

  • Limited Sedans QLD State Title to be held at Lockyer Valley Speedway on the 16th January
  • Fender Bender (Div2) NSW State Title to be held at Gunnedah Speedway on the 6th February

The Street Stockers Australian Title is scheduled to be held at Grafton Speedway on the 13th February and we expect online nominations to be available in the first few days of January.

An Awesome Opportunity to Display your brand!

Here’s a great opportunity to put your brand out there! The RSA is looking for “Expressions of Interest” from businesses that would like to sponsor one of this season’s titles.

For a relatively small amount, you can choose to either


Each of these choices would offer you the chance to have your business brand front of centre in


To find out more contact the RSA Secretary either by phone on 0419 266 204 during office hours or email her at secretary@racingsedansaustralia.com

Jump on board and show your support. Join our team and we will work together to help promote your business!

Meet our New President

Hi to all members, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Geff Rose and I have been elected to the position of president of the RSA at the last AGM.

Firstly, I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their time and effort. I would like to thank Darren Cassidy as outgoing president/vice president. You have done an extremely hard job in these times and I am sure a lot of members would agree in thanking you for all your work.

Thank you to the new committee for putting your hands up for the upcoming year. I think with lots of communication and openness we can take RSA to the next level.

The last 6 months has been extremely trying in the speedway fraternity due to unforeseen circumstances. I think it is going to be a trying year as things may change on a daily basis. Please be patient as we try to do our very best.

A little bit about myself. I have been racing now for about 17 years, starting off in “RSA Streeters” and won the last NSW title in that division. I then stepped up to “Street Stockers” and raced there for 7 years in a XF Falcon. I then took a break from racing so I could concentrate on my son’s racing.

I came back racing 3 years ago and decided to step up to “V8 Dirt Modifieds”. I still own my XF and dragged it back into the shed again for this season. All of my kids have raced in speedway and started out in Junior Sedans and one of them now races “V8 Dirt Modifieds” and my daughter has just stepped up from “Junior Sedans” to “RSA 4-Cylinders”.

A few things I would like members to keep in mind. I am a business owner of a business that operates 7 days a week, 24hrs a day. Every member of the executive committee work and have other commitments. The positions they have taken on are volunteer positions and we all give up a lot of our time for the betterment of the association and sport, so please be patient. We mightn’t give you an answer/response straight away, but we will respond.

I am available by phone on 0432 707 527 so If you would like to have a chat please give me a call. I am going to give all clubs’ a call but it takes time so please be patient. If you have something that you would like discussed by the executive committee, please contact your secretary so it can be sent into the association.

Lastly thank you for giving me the opportunity of being the president I hope we can all make RSA great again. Bring on the 20/21 season.

New Logbooks and Registration Decals

In the recent weeks and as a result of more logbooks and rego decals being required, the committee has taken the opportunity to upgrade our rego decals. No longer will we be issuing the business card sized laminated rego decals of the past that were cable tied to the rollcage. The new rego decals are in fact a high quality exterior use vinyl sticker. These are to be placed inside the cab in an area that is easily seen when standing beside your car. They feature the RSA Logo placed on a background made up of the club logos of every affiliated club and each has the number printed on them to correspond with its logbook.

The logbooks have only been altered slightly. One of these alterations is that they now have white covers. The cover colour is expected to remain the same season on season. As there are many of the older style logbooks and decals in circulation only new registrations will be issued the new book and decal. The old-style will remain ok for use until next season.

So if your club still has some of these that have not yet been issued please continue to use them until they run out.

News from the Office

New Database under development

In an effort to better store and record important information such car registrations and officials information, a major effort has been undertaken to compile a complete database with all the relevant information stored securely in the one place.

Titles Sub-Committee Underway

Over time as the number of RSA divisions has grown it has become more difficult for the small RSA committee to be as hands-on as they would prefer to be when it comes to the preparation and running of the state and Australian titles. The committee has pulled together a few volunteers that will be helping in these processes moving forward and to those people we say, thank you.

IT Dept. Developing Online Daylight/Green sheet System

As the result of a committee meeting and with discussion with Arrested Graphics and Web Solutions, our IT Support people, the development of an “online Daylight/Green Sheet” system has begun. This will streamline the annual task of registering our cars and create a multi-level database for the safe storage of all the information which can be accessed by authorised people from any location and will update all information in “real-time”.

Tech Committee Review of Divisional Spec Books

The RSA specification books are a collection of documents that have been, over the years amended and updated by numerous people in an effort to keep these books as up-to-date as possible. Now that there are 7 spec books, one for each of our recognised race divisions a more unified approach is required. The Tech Committee, under the direction of Jamie Smith, chair of the Tech Committee, are currently examining the books with a view to gain parity across the sections that are common in each book. This task has been in the sights of previous committees but time restraints have meant it wasn’t completed. Let’s all hope that this huge task can be completed this time around.

The changes and updates being done are only those which concern amendments to bring our books in line with the safety directions as stated in the latest Speedway Australia guidelines.

RSA Working Together with speedway australia

Racing Sedans Australia together with Speedway Australia are working closely to upgrade and improve the Online Accreditation system.

Creation of complete club contact database

Our secretary, Sue Healey, has been working behind the scenes to build a comprehensive contact list, a database of contact information that allows for ease of access to all the relevant contact details required in the day to day operation of the RSA. These details are such things as the correct contact details for clubs and their presidents and secretaries, contact information for promoters and tracks as well as usual State and Federal Government depts.

Online Access to all RSA official paperwork

Our IT Support, over the next few months leading up to next season, is working on online versions of all our official paperwork. Documents such as our constitution, club affiliation forms and digital versions of club contact details update forms. This process is being done in collaboration with the RSA secretary.

Development of a more organised Spec submissions system

Shortly after our last AGM and as a result of multiple years of poor to read, badly worded specification change submissions, usually lacking enough information to action them, the committee has approved an online process. This system will allow, at the appropriate time of the season, for specification changes to be submitted through the correct channels and processes to allow the collation and distribution of the submissions to all relevant clubs to vote on.

This system does not in any way change the fact that all specifications, as previously, need to be voted on by the affiliate clubs and ratified an the AGM. The idea of the system is to better supply these submissions in an organised, formatted process so that we can all make better use of them and understand them more clearly.

This system is planned to be in operation for the end of season 2020-21.

Collection of your personal data

As part of the updating of our systems, the way we go about achieving things in this modern time, we occasionally need to store your information. Our IT Support has had this covered ever since the construction of our website.

Recently, as part of the online nomination forms and to enable the fast transfer of funds such as prize money, tow money or refunds, we have started to collect your basic bank account details. Now these details in and of themselves are never going to allow a “hacker” or alike to get your money from your accounts but rather identity thieves use this information as just one small piece in building fake identities.

Our website and the Australian based servers on which they are stored are fully secured and both the servers and the website run multi-level active security across all the systems constantly. Furthermore, our website in 100% AAP compliant. But as per Australian law, it is up to you whether you supply your details or choose not to. At eery stage you will be asked whether you agree to the storage of your personal data and you are quite free to choose the no option. Please just keep in mind that if you choose “No”, any funds to be paid to you will be done by cheque which will be written after the event and then posted to you.

we can find it in the clouds

With all this talk of databases and online forms and systems, I would like to take some time to assure you that everything being collected is stored securely in the cloud!

Cloud storage, as most of you would know, is not a new thing. It is the preferred way to securely store large amounts of information in one place. Some of the benefits are that it overcomes the chances of a computer meltdown causing the total loss of precious information. It allows those who are approved access to the information on any device from any location anyway 24/7.

20-21 Season's Titles

20-21 Titles to be rescheduled

Past Title Results

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Three New Clubs Welcomed to the RSA Family

Lockyer Valley Speedway Club

Just as last season drew to a close Lockyer Valley Speedway Club the club that promotes Lockyer Valley Speedway, located at the showgrounds in Gatton Qld, approached Racing Sedans Australia to begin the process to affiliate with us. The club is interested in building car numbers for the Fender Benders (Div2) and Junior Sedans. Outlaw Sedans and Limited Sedans have been racing at their track for a few seasons now and the Gatton based club is poised to hold the first-ever Limited Sedan Qld State Title in mid-January.

Wagga Speedway Club

Joining the RSA Family for season 2020-21, is Wagga Speedway Club. Based in Wagga NSW and racing at the Illabo Motorsport Park in NSW, WSC will be another new base for RSA.

Beginning with RSA Outlaw Sedans, Limited Sedans and Street Stockers for this season. We hope that in the coming seasons’ other divisions such as 4-Cylinder Sedans and Junior Sedans will also frequent their events.

Leeton Motor Sports Club

We also have had the great pleasure of welcoming yet another club into our family. Leeton Motor Sports Club is located in the Riverina region of Southern New South Wales.

The Leeton Motor Sports Club was founded in 1976 and is now the 20th club in the RSA affiliated family. We are both honoured and privileged to call you part of the family.

Please take this opportunity to welcome our new RSA Family Members!