24th January 2021 - Edition 2

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Statement from Geffery Rose

The committee would like to bring to all members’ attention that the only official specification books that are legal are the books that are on the RSA website.
link: https://racingsedansaustralia.com

If you have a hard copy and it is different to the online version then your hard copy is NOT an official copy. The only changes that will be made to a specification book during the season will be wording, grammar and safety items.

This applies to all RSA divisions.

Words from the
"RSA Tech Committee"

The Tech Committee has been working hard to clarify, streamline and standardise specification books. As you can appreciate this is an exceptionally long and difficult task. Major specification changes still need to be submitted at the appropriate time and voted on by the members following due process. The Tech Committee can only make changes to safety specifications and typographical errors.

We cannot just make changes without investigating the full implications of any proposed changes. We have managed to work through several rules/specification clarifications which have been communicated through various methods over the past few months. Some of reoccurring issues/questions that continue to be raised that will be addressed in this release.

But please take note that at any time while this process is being undertaken or at any time at all, the ONLY official version of any of the divisions’ specification books are those found on our website!

• Roof Numbers

As per all class specifications (except Division 5A Outlaw Sedans) roof numbers are to be White numbers on Black background on a plate 300mm x 300mm only. There has been an increasing number of no compliant roof numbers brought to our attention this season, and these all need to be rectified. The only acceptable roof numbers are to be Plain White numbers on a Black background. This means NO SHADOWING, NO COLOUR SURROUNDS. The only acceptable addition to the roof number plate is the cars registered club or town. i.e. club prefix Grafton = “GRA”, club prefix for NEWCASTLE = “NSSC” etc, this is to be kept to a minimum size as not to impact the car number.

• Safety Apparel / Equipment

All drivers are responsible for their own safety apparel/equipment and must ensure that it is current, in good order and used at all times. Not only is this a Speedway Australia enforceable rule, if there was any type of incident resulting in injury there is the possibility of the loss on insurance cover.

• Seatbelts

Seatbelts that are not within date, meaning expired or not stamped/punched with date of purchase will not be accepted. If a car presents to scrutineering with belts that are not stamped/punched the cars should not be passed to race until at a time they have belts that are stamped/punched.

• Helmets

As per previous release helmets carrying the UN ECE 22.05 are permitted to have the R variation. i.e. ECE R22-05. Snell SA-2010 Standard Helmets cannot be used after 1 July 2021 as they are no longer in date.

These are just a few key points that we have been working on this season, if anything is unclear, as with any questions/concerns please reach out to the committee via your clubs and we will try to answer in a timely matter. We plan to communicate all relevant questions/answers to all clubs directly and in this forum where appropriate. All names will be held back to encourage open discussions.

Upcoming State and Australian Titles

Not wanting to “count our chickens” as it were, it looks very likely that we will finally get to hold our first Title for this season. Nominations closed tonight for the RSA Fender Bender Division 2 NSW Title to be held at Gunnedah Speedway on the 6th of February. 

In the next couple of months, we have scheduled, several more Titles, both State and Australian. Nominations are already open for the RSA Street Stockers Australian Title to be held at Hessions Auto Parts Grafton Speedway on the 13th of February followed one month later with the RSA 4-Cylinder Australian Title, also at Grafton.

Also in March, we hope to hold both the RSA Outlaw Sedans Australian Title at Gunnedah Speedway on the 20th and the RSA Street Stockers NSW Title at Nowra Speedway on the 27th.

We still have 4 Titles which we had no choice but to postpone that we are now discussing with Clubs and Promoters to set down new dates.

Please rest assured that our Committee, Clubs and Tracks are doing all we can to complete our list of both postponed and scheduled Titles.

Much to do, many pieces to place, many more conversations to be had. We are working on it all!

More to follow in the 3rd edition of “Racing Sedans eNews” due out late next month.

Title Nominations Now Open

RSA Fender Bender
NSW State Title

Provisional Nominations
  • Jamie Landrigan
  • Daniel Poss
  • Matthew Cobb
  • Wayne Poss
  • Douglas Squires
  • Matt McLoughlin
  • Daniel Cronin
  • Keith Urquhart
  • Geoff Blackstock
  • Wayne Tailby
  • Ben Walton
  • Jamie Kerr
  • Simon Hood
  • Jye Pope
  • Brad Perrett
  • • Kevin Peachman
  • • Brock Wiggins
list correect at time of publication
NSW Title

RSA 4-Cylinder Sedan
Australian Title

Nominations will in the next few days!
A notice will be posted on Facebook once they are open.
AUS Title

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Meet the RSA Secretary - Sue Healey

Hello to all Affiliated Clubs and Members.

Firstly, I wish to thank all the past Committee Members for their tireless work you all have done in previous years gone by and with unprecedented times with covid-19 as of last year.

I also would like to thank the New Committee for taking on your positions you elected to take on for the upcoming year. We have already had multiple meetings to discuss the future of this association. The communication between everyone is open and it is great to see these committee members getting involved.

The last year has been hard for everyone with tracks trying to run meetings with the ever-changing “health order restrictions” in NSW and QLD. I ask that everyone please be patient as we work through this unprecedented time.

A little about me!

Most Clubs and Members may know who i am but for those who do not, my Name is Sue Healey, and I was elected RSA secretary at the last AGM.

I have been retired from racing since 2016. Prior to that my first race was in an LJ Torana at my local track, Cullen Bullen Raceway back in 1991 when I was 17 years old, I started racing in the Ladies class (under ACT/NSW Motor Racing Board).

I won multiple Titles and Club Championships in the Ladies, Series Production, Super Production and 1600s classes. In 2002 with the help of my now-husband Ray Healey I stepped into RSA street stockers where we raced 2 car team at PCR every weekend, I was the first lady to win a feature race at PCR ( Sydney Speedway) in the same year I came 3rd in the then called “Sydney Street Stockers Club” Championship.

My last race was the RSA  4-cylinder Sedan NSW Title held at Tamworth Speedway in 2016 which I won.

After 25 years of racing, it was time to hang my gloves up and concentrate on our sons racing career.

What I do today!

well, I am heavily involved with the running our local track Cullen Bullen Raceway and our club PDMSC. I have been the secretary/Treasurer since 2014 and also life member, I am also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Cullen Bullen Recreation Reserve Land Manager (Crown Land reserves) which owns the land the speedway is on.

In-between these two, I am a business owner of a Mechanical workshop and towing business, so please be patient I will respond/answer you but it may not be straight away. I am also committed to helping my son’s racing career in Junior Sedans as well as Junior Formula 500s, teaching my son the craft of speedway is the best experience you could ever have.

My goals in the Future!

My goals in years to come are to leave my local speedway with a great facility and financially stable for the next secretary/treasurer to take over and hopefully keep going for another 30 years. I would also like to retire in 5 years to travel around our awesome country of ours.

In closing…

I thank you for giving me the opportunity of being the Secretary of this association and hope we can take the RSA to the next level.

Belle Reaches the Top Step!

New Stars First Place for Belle Jennar

RSA New Star Junior Sedan Driver Belle Jennar achieved her best result so far in her young speedway career, finishing on the top step in her “New Stars” Junior Sedan Division recently at Hession’s Auto Parts Grafton Speedway.
Belle, soon to turn 14 y/o and about to start year nine at Oxley High in Tamworth started racing Junior Sedans in October 2019. A member of the Gunnedah Speedway Club living in Tamworth, her best previous finish was a third-place in a Feature race at Gilgandra Speedway in January 2020.
When asked why she became interested in speedway she said she got interested “after watching my Dad, Keith Urquhart, race and seeing how much fun he was having I wanted to be involved in the fun!” She might be young and at the beginning of her journey into the world of speedway but it is obvious that it is already in her blood.
Like the rest of her speedway family, she has been super frustrated and majorly disappointed by the effects Covid-19 has had this season on our sport.
I asked Belle what her speedway goals were for her future and I wasn’t surprised to hear her say “to go faster, have more confidence, win more trophies, have more fun and make lots of friends I can have something in common with“.
Belle has told me to make sure to thank her sponsor, Gordon Earthmoving… and her family too for all their support.

Updates from Speedway Australia

Speedway Australia Logo

Drivers Racing Multiple Divisions

A reminder to Clubs and Divisions to make drivers aware of their licencing requirements when they plan on competing across multiple divisions.
Should a driver wish to compete in more than one division, for example – RSA 4 Cylinder Sedans and Outlaw Sedans, they will be required to hold the licence Class relevant to their highest chosen division (in this example, an A Licence). They will also be required to have each of their chosen divisions listed on their licence card.
Listing multiple divisions is simple and doesn’t cost anything extra. It is recommended these be selected when renewing a licence, however, should you already hold a licence and need another division added for an upcoming event, this can be done via the licence portal using the ‘Upgrade Licence’ tab.

Image courtesy of Speedway Australia

Live Streaming & Video Coverage: The Venue Operators Rights!

Image courtesy of Speedway Australia

We all know that video footage is a useful tool for all facets of the industry, but it’s important to note that the ultimate decision around the use and distribution of video footage of a race meeting rests with the venue operator. Divisions, race teams and fans turn up to a track that is managed and guided by a venue operator who has to balance their own needs and requirements to generate income versus the desire for instant availability of information. And therefore, they are entitled to make their own decisions around the use of Facebook Live, a free or paid livestream that they or a divisional body provide, or any other form of information transmission out of the venue.
For example, this week Latrobe and Hobart Speedway’s in Tasmania have clarified their position as follows: –
You may film the races, but you can only post them to a public forum or social media at the end of the meeting. No live streaming.
Clear and simple, and also enforceable. If you are unsure of what a track offers in this regard, or what their policy might be, then get in touch with them directly.

An Awesome Opportunity to Display your brand!

Here’s a great opportunity to put your brand out there! The RSA is looking for “Expressions of Interest” from businesses that would like to sponsor one of this season’s titles.

For a relatively small amount, you can choose to either


Each of these choices would offer you the chance to have your business brand front of centre in


To find out more contact the RSA Secretary either by phone on 0419 266 204 during office hours or email her at secretary@racingsedansaustralia.com

Jump on board and show your support. Join our team and we will work together to help promote your business!

20-21 Season's Titles

20-21 Titles to be rescheduled

Past Title Results

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