RSA Fender Bender Specification Books now available online

RSA Fender Bender Season 2018-19 Specs Now Online

Hard-Nose & Soft-Nose Fender Bender Specifications available to Download.

Racing Sedans Australia in conjunction with our Tech Committee, Volunteers and Help from our Media Crew, have now completed the season 2018-19 specification books for both RSA Fender Bender Divisions. Much interest from other states has been shown in the RSA Fender Benders over the off-season so we have not only updated the rules voted on at our AGM in August but also taken the time to “tidy up” the books as well. Click HERE to get the Green Flag and be raced over to our specs page!

Our “NEW” technology Moving Forward.

With the launching of our new “latest technology” website, we have tried to firstly, make it easier for people to locate just what they are looking for and secondly, concentrate all the OFFICIAL INFORMATION in one single location.

If it isn’t from this site it’s NOT Official!

As technology has grown over the years from the days where we typed letters and posted them “snail-mail” to the creation of digital media and social media, associations like ours have been playing a constant game of “catch up”. The decision has been made to draw the line here on this website. Official stuff like specs and rules will be located Only on this site and where appropriate, links will be shared to social media.

Your Support would be Awesome!

Yes, I agree, “Let’s just go Racing, stuff all the paperwork and crap!” If only this was possible! Unfortunately, in today’s world, it isn’t. As we move forward into our expanding future in Australian Speedway, paperwork (mainly the digital version) will become more and more important. This is why we need to tighten up the way we distribute our information.

What we ask of you.

So what we ask is that if you are asked “where to get a spec book?” or “what divisions does RSA have?” or “how do I contact RSA?” or even “who is the tech person for my division?”, answer the question by saying..
“EASY! Go visit, you will find the answer there”

Racing Sedans Australia
Coming Together and Moving Forward

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