RSA Junior Sedan Spec Books online now

RSA Junior Sedan Specifications Online and Downloadable

The Latest Specifications are now available on our website

We are working towards having all our specifications available from our “Specifications & Licenses” page located on our new website. We have already got the division 5A Outlaw Sedans and 5B Limited Sedans as well as the Division 1 Fender Bender books available to download.

Junior Sedans Specs are now GO!

We have just uploaded the Division 3 Junior Sedan Specifications book to the site and you can grab a copy right now. Just look at the menu at the top of this article where you will see the link to the “Specifications & Licenses” page. Click on that link to get to the download page.

Just click the button

Click the big green “View & Download” button and there you’ve got it. Easy…

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