SEQ Speedway Club's Daniel Taylor's RSA Outlaw Sedan

This Old Girl gets a Heart Transplant

A first for the RSA Outlaw Sedans

Daniel Taylor, member of Taylor Family Racing and the S.E.Q.Speedway Club made history this week when he replaced his old, worn but faithful Chev 350 with an LS1 EFI engine in his number 24 Monza. With racing happening tonight at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway the push was on mid-week to get this transplant done.

Late nights braced with determination

As most readers would image an engine change can be a time consuming and difficult exercise to undertake. Daniel stepped it up even further by deciding to upgrade the technology at the same time by fitting his LS1 engine. The project went well and even got the engine fired up a full 48 hours early. Completing the exercise on Thursday night. Sitting snuggly into the car, the LS1 came to life without much drama and is now ready to propel the Monza around the track at Archerfield tonight.

More LS1’s on their way!

With the 5.7lt LS 1 engine becoming easier to find at realistic prices some drivers have been looking into running them in their RSA Outlaw Sedans this season. Queensland has the first race-ready LS1 but there are rumours of the first NSW based Outlaw Sedan to be powered by the 5.7lt power unit being under construction now and should soon be seen on tracks around the state.

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