New RSA Online Nomination System coming soon

New Online Nomination System about to go “LIVE”

No need to print, write, scan and send!

As part of our new “state-of-the-art” website, we will, very soon, have our Online Nominations System ready to go! This system will replace the old way we had to all cope with when it came to nominating for State and National titles.

You remember, find the download link on Facebook then find a way of printing off the blank form or have to ask a friend or the Club Secretary to print it for you. Find a pen that works. Try and write small enough to fit all the info in that little space. Once you finally got that done then you had to get it to your Club Secretary for them to sign off on it and email it to RSA.

Save time ink and paper

Simple. Now all you need to do is to fill in the required info online at our website in the NEW Online Nomination Form. Select your Club from a drop-down list and hit the submit button. This will fire off your nomination to your Club Secretary for them to do their thing. Make your Nomination Fee payment and sit back and wait to see your name appear on the Event Nomination List and promos. EASY!

To help out the Club Secretaries there is step by step instructions listed on the bottom of every form email you will receive that walks you through what we need you to do.

Find them where?

There will be more than one way to get to the nomination forms. There will be ways to access them directly on the website and there will be a link shared to our Facebook pages and groups as well. That link, with one click, will rush you to the start line and get the green to go ahead and nominate.

Can I do it on my phone?

Hey, guess what? Yes, it can! Our forms have been designed by Arrested Graphics and Web Solutions to function anywhere. Desktops, laptops, tablets even mobiles. As with anything new, there might be a “glitch” or two as we kick the system into top gear but rest assured the crew at Arrested are monitoring this process and will be available if you have any issues!

Welcome to the NEW world!

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