Official Press Release 30-01-2022

Press Release 30th January 2022

As we have reached the halfway mark of the season the RSA committee & officials feel it is important to remind all competitors & clubs of a few key points.

Key Points

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure all repairs/faults are rectified prior to scrutineering – refer SA rule 3.1.6. Log Books will be checked at scrutineering for validity and outstanding work orders. If the Log Book is presented with work orders outstanding, the Driver will be given the option of fixing the faults. If the Driver opts not to fix the faults, the Race Car concerned will not be cleared to race. The Log Book will be retained by Officials and forwarded to the secretary of the Affiliated Association or other controlling body which issued the Log Book.

Roof Number plates – SA rule 3.6 (H) The roof plate number shall be bolted to the roof of the vehicle at an angle from the left-hand front to the right-hand wheel arch or parallel with the side of the Race Car depending on lap scoring requirements. The number shall be white numbers on a black background. Numbers ending in a “zero” such as 20, 30, 40, etc. shall not be used.


Vehicle Identification numbers – ensure that all numbers on rear quarters/doors are at the correct size for the division that the car is nominated to race. ie. if the number will not fit on the rear quarter panel it must be moved to doors.

Rub rails – ensure bolt locations & quantity are correct. Ensure the taper of the end of the rail is correct.


Club prefix – Club prefix is required as part of the Vehicle Identification numbers in certain divisions as per new spec books, and will be required for all divisions from the 2022/2023 season as we work to align all books moving forward, as agreed to at the last AGM.

Wheels & Tyres – it is vital that all competitors review and are aware of the relevant specifications regarding Wheels & Tires for the divisions that the car is nominated to run. Particular attention needs to be paid when vehicles run multiple classes due to possible differences in specifications – ie Juniors & 4 Cylinder Sedans.

Social Media / Private Messaging / other forms of contact – RSA & Speedway Australia encourages participation in online social media in a positive manner. The accessible nature of the internet, however, can lend itself to the posting of threatening and derogatory material in the heat of the moment. Once your thoughts and comments are published to the internet they are visible to the world – and they are permanent. Speedway Australia takes all cases of threatening and derogatory behaviour seriously and will treat online matters as it would ‘real world’ bullying. Breaching the Code of Conduct or bringing the sport of Speedway into disrepute online can lead to serious consequences, including tribunals, suspensions and the cancellation of the offender’s Speedway Australia license.

As per the correct procedure, If you are unsure of anything your first point of contact is your club, if further details are required your club will contact the RSA for further clarification. Individuals should not be contacting RSA committee members or officials directly.

Jamie Smith
Vice President

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